ASDAN Languages Short Course


The ASDAN Languages Short Course is a national Level One accreditation. It is suitable for young people of secondary school age. It is intended to be used by speakers of any language. It is especially useful for Complementary Schools who teach heritage languages for which GCSEs do not exist, but it can be used for any language and can help to prepare students for GCSE.

The course is divided into different ‘modules’ and is achieved by completing a range of tasks called ‘challenges’. Evidence is collected in a folder called a ‘portfolio’ and in a student course book, and these are assessed by the tutor.

Students acquire credits for hours of learning, which must be evidenced in their portfolios. They can gain a minimum of 1 credit (representing 10 hours learning) and a maximum of 6 credits (for 60 hours of learning).

Languages Sheffield have produced a Scheme of Work, Tutor Notes and set of resources to support tutors in Complementary Schools who wish to use the course to help validate and reward the learning of young people attending their school.

Please contact us using the contact details on the home page if you are a Complementary School wishing to obtain copies of these resources, or click below to download a document to get you started.

ASDAN Notes for CS